Frequently asked questions

You often ask us about important things, which we highly appreciate and thank you for your inquiries. The most common ones are listed here along with our answers. If you don’t find any information you need, feel free to contact us by filling in the form below.

Is it possible to send goods from one store to another if they are not in stock?

Yes, this process is possible. All you have to do is agree with the store manager (deputy store manager) in which you want to pick up the goods.

In which stores can I use my customer card?

The customer card can be used in any McPen store.

When can I start using my customer card?

The customer card is activated immediately upon receipt.

How do I get a customer card?

You can get a customer card by completing the registration form here on the web or in any McPen store.

Where can I pick up my customer card?

Your customer card will be sent to you by the post when you register via the website or will be issued immediately at your registration in the store.


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